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Tips for an enjoyable apple orchard venture with your dog near Cary and Apex. 

When summer turns to fall is the perfect time to pick apples. If you’ve never visited an orchard near Cary and Apex, it’s a great way to spend a weekend. And if you can’t find one close, consider looking further to Morrisville. Your dog makes great company on slow, relaxing weekend trips like one to the apple orchard. Here are some tips to make sure a visit with your dog goes as smoothly as possible: 

  • Do your research: Make sure the orchard allows dogs before you leave. A visit to their website or a quick call should get to the bottom of this. 
  • Pack the essentials: Bring water, a drinking bowl, a leash, and some waste bags. You know the drill. Make sure your dog stays cool, hydrated, and leaves no trace.
  • Mind the apples: Fallen, fermented apples can be harmful and lead to an upset stomach for your dog. Your dog can trust us humans on this one: rotten apples are no good. 
  • Stay on designated paths: Some areas of the orchard might be off-limits to ensure the health of the trees and the quality of the produce. Sticking to designated paths will help protect both the orchard and your dog’s paws. 

A visit to the apple orchard is a great family outing that leaves you with some tasty take home treats. What you decide to do with your apples is up to you, (may we suggest a crisp), but make sure you’re prepared going into the trip to get to that point.